Winged Sheep Aedicula. 2021

My work is often informed by the beauty of stone carvingsin the ancient classical world, and my sculpture for Dalby Forest references the rock carvings of the Nabateans (4th century BCE – 1st century CE), around Petra in Jordan, and Sasanian carvings in Bishapur, Iran (260CE).

My Winged Sheep for Dalby Forest stands within a small shrine (an aedicula) cut into a huge sandstone rock. A small procession of sheep, also carved directly into the rockface, bow and kneel in homage to the Winged Sheep above them.

 The aedicula stands at Jerry Noddle, a fabulous viewpoint at the north eastern edge of Dalby Forest.

The sheep often appears in Art as witness to historical events; my Winged Sheep was made during Lockdown 1.0 (2020) and wears 14th century allegorical armour; here the armour is not to defend and protect against the Bubonic plague, but the Covid plague of the early 21st century.



Winged Sheep Aedicula 2021 at Jerry Noddle, Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire.
Sheep bowing in homage to the Winged Sheep (detail).