Polykleitos Sheep. Riache Sheep.

At the start of 2014 the small Roman Sheep was carved from a single block of Tadcaster limestone and given a great plinth worthy of a celebrated 2nd Century AD Roman Hero.

This sheep became the inspiration for the much larger Polykleitos Sheep (see below) .


 Little Polykleitos.

Tadcaster limestone. 2014.

Height 330mm.

 small sheep-1

 Polykleitos Sheep.

Tadcaster limestone 2014.

Overall height 1.2m

Polykleitos Sheep was exhibited in 2014 at the Summer Sculpture Exhibition, Newby Hall, Ripon.

In 2015 I was commissioned to make Riache Sheep for a garden in Wensleydale. The Sheep was inspired by the 5th century BCE Riache bronzes, and the plinth bu the Doric Temples at Paestum.


Riache Sheep 2016

Portland limestone.

Overall height 1.5m