Ribchester Millennium Garden

Ribchester, Lancashire is a village with  Roman Origins.

The three sculptures and Sundial sit in enclosures formed from clipped yew hedging.

The Garden is designed to allow the annual Field Day procession to pass through on a central paved pathway.


At the entrance are 6 columnar yew and The Ribchester Column.

Column with Alex

The Column was inspired by Trajan’s Column in Rome and is decorated with images from Ribchester’s past, from the 1st-centrury to the present day.

Column c

Column e


Column detail

 In the central seating area is a Sundial designed to tell “Ribchester time”. It is decorated with a story told by the local Water Baliff.


Two Bath stone panels stand opposite one another either side of the central path.

Celebration title

Celebration of Community. The panel combines a celebration of generations of a local family that have decorated St Wilfrid’s Church with an architectural folly combining details from buildings around the village.

Celebration a












The Pig, the Ribber and the Devil.

The panel depicts a regional folk tale and a story from the 1970′s that is the origins of the local expression, “put the pig on the wall!”.

Ribber2 copy


Pig title